Relevant Services

  • Electronic Document Management System (BELGE ARŞIV)

    Jeo IT, a member of GeoTech, has developed a high-tech, high-performance Document Management System known as “BELGE ARŞİV”. It was initially developed for (and currently used by) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. It is a web based application that has been tested by thousands of users and millions of documents.

    BELGE ARŞİV is a fully featured modern document management system.

    • Handles all document management through a browser.
    • Ensures secure, authenticated access.
    • Supports for electronic signature.
    • Acquires metadata through government services.
    • Extremely fast search.
    • Mobile extensions.
    • Multiple signatures and workflow design.
    • Integration with scanned archives.
    • Goes beyond archiving, provides full, paperless document management.
    • Flexible solutions can be developed for a wide variety of needs.
    • Secure and fast technology.
    • Powerful support team.

  • e-Government and Portal Framework

    Another ground breaking project of Jeo IT is the development of a powerful portal, known as "DISNET" in Turkey, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. Recognized as one of the most successful e-Government technologies in Turkey and the Middle East, DISNET currently enables more than 100 work flows defined by the Ministry through the portal in a fast and secure manner.

    DISNET is a fully featured modern e-Government Portal with the following modules:

    • E-government web portals (internet portal, embassy portals, intranet portal, foreign representation portal).
    • Personnel automation (registry, salary, travel allowance, treatment, statistics, reports, etc.).
    • Comprehensive database (government agencies, phone directory, regulations, library, state archives, international agreement, official gazette).
    • Information bank (information notes, information requests, sample correspondences, useful phone numbers, appointment decisions, visa status, meeting and visit calendar, press meetings, assignment reports).
    • Primary applications (personnel, salaries, foreign personnel).
    • Secondary applications and announcements (announcements, applications within the Ministry, applications from outside the Ministry, advertisements, activities, question bank).
    • General modules (administration, multi-language support, authorizations, etc.).

  • e-Archive / Archive Digitization

    Jeo IT also specializes in archival digitization and automation. Services rendered in this area include:

    • Collection and classification of documents.
    • Scanning and then capturing via desired dpi lossless TIFF files.
    • Attributing the documents.
    • Running through an OCR process and saving as searchable PDF files.