The main components of any GIS / LIS / PIS establishment are: geodatabase (85%), HW/SW (5%), and personnel (10%).

GeoTech Group has successfully developed capabilities to address these components: over 30 specialists / operators for geodatabase establishment, application development over market GIS packages for HW/SW, over 50 expert staff for personnel ranging from geomatics engineers to programmers, GIS / LIS specialists and IT specialists.

Relevant Services

  • Geodatabase & GIS/LIS Establishment including Scanning, Data Conversion, Data Integration

    Geodatabase development constitutes the most significant component of any geospatial information system.

    In this category, the following services are carried out by GeoTech:

    • Geodatabase design (logical & physical).
    • Data processing and conversion (data compiled by terrestrial surveys and digitization / vectorization from images, etc.), spatial adjustment & coordinate transformation, rectification, edge-matching and integration of graphical & attribute data.
    • Datum transformation & map projections.
    • Integration of graphical and non-graphical data followed by the establishment of geodatabase.

  • Software Development and GEOPORTAL Establishment

    The GeoTech IT division offers experience and excellence in software development, IT services and GIS/LIS application development.

    In this category, the following services are carried out by GeoTech:

    • In-house development of Web GIS technologies and support for Open Source and ESRI
    • Basic functionalities such as single address for all data and applications, data locator, map production, web GIS explorer using ArcGIS Server, applications for housing administration, traffic information analysis, partition management, key management and land use
    • ArcFM implementation with 3D Data, facility management / utility network locator, and IBM Maximo asset management system integration with GIS
    • Hybrid Android / Mobile Web application
    • NFC support for RFID tagging
    • Data managed (and served) through the GeoTech DMS.