Project Name : Consultancy for Capacity Building and National Mapping, Libya.
Client : Survey Department of Libya (SDL).
Period : 2009-Present
Scope : reorganization and capacity building of SDL and Military Mapping Agency, preparation of national mapping tender documents and monitoring, which consist of establishment of CORS (50 sites), establishment of national geodetic network, digital aerial photography (0.6m resolution) for the entire Libya, orthophoto mapping, digital mapping at 1/25.000 (280.000 km2), 1/50.000 (375.000 km2) and 1/100.000 (1.660.000 km2) scales, geodatabase establishment, provision of all required HW/SW and training.
Manpower : 10 experts / specialists on geodetic engineering, satellite mapping, photogrammetry, geodatabase / Geoportal and GIS establishment, capacity building, education and training.
Remarks : the consultancy is for 4 years covering capacity building, designing, tendering and monitoring national mapping projects.