The establishment of Geo Tech Group goes back to 1997 in order to respond the challenges in geomatics engineering, planning and IT services. The Group consists of the following companies:

  • Jeo Tek, Ltd.Sti., Turkey (1997)
  • American Geomatics Inc, USA (2000)
  • Geo Tech Consulting, Saudi Arabia (2002)
  • Geo Tech Consulting, Libya (2005)
  • Geo IT (2008)
  • Geo Plan (2010)

Geo Tech Consulting, Saudi Arabia , is a foreign investment company owned by Geo Tech Group (65%) and Mohawarean International Group (35%) and registered in Saudi Arabia. All these companies are working together in close cooperation and association worldwide.

Amongst others, Geo Tech Group now targets NSDI and IT projects in line with the trend throughout the world. For this reason, GEO-IT was established in September 2008.